Our Business

We see ourselves as a young business, despite having over forty years’ experience in constructing self-propelled hydraulic and fixed platforms for fruit-picking.

Non-stop commitment and many sacrifices have enabled us to achieve goals that are important to us; the effort has been well worth it, especially the satisfaction of seeing our business grow over the years.

This growth is inevitable, given the hundreds of businesses in Italy and in the world now using our machines, and this constant growth trend makes us extremely optimistic for the future.

Moreover, taking small steps, but always moving forward, is the only way to deliver results that stand the test of time, as do our machines.

All production phases, from design to testing, are entirely carried out at our recently extended factory. Thanks to new generation equipment (laser cutters, press brake machines…), in the welding and painting department, we can manage production in a completely flexible way, with everything under our direct control.

We can help you reap the fruits of your labour – let us give you a hand.


“Dear Mr. Billo,

We finally received the platform!
I started the engine and tested the platform today. I am very satisfied with the quality and characteristics of the platform. My boss liked it too. We made the right choice.

We would like to thank Mr. Billo and all your team for the enthusiasm and professionalism!

Great job!”


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